Nov 17 2017

OCCIware Studio Tutorial (Screencast) 

OCCIware Studio Tutorial: Seamless Management of Cloud Resources Using OCCI”
This tutorial leverages on the tooling provided by the OCCIware tool chain for managing Everything as a Service with OCCI. This tutorial shows how to OCCIfy a client/server application, named Light IOT, which allows to manage lights using CRUD operations as well as specific actions like turn on or off a lamp. All necessary materials for this tutorial are available at - The client application is named lightclient.jar. - The server application is named lightserver. Both applications use the websocket protocol to communicate. The lightclient application is used as a library while the lightserver application realizes the lamps.

Sep 08 2017

Video Tutorial : The LinkedData Demonstrator

OCCIware LinkedData Use Case Demonstration “Energy Consumption Monitoring for Territories”
The video presents a demonstrator created for the Use Case “LinkedData as a Service”. This Use Case aims at demonstrating the Open Linked Data Broker in data- and IoT-based applications in the field of energy and telecommunications. The work is based on the Ozwillo platform developed by the OASIS project (Openly Accessible Services for an Interactive Society) for the creation of public common reusable data sets through the use of defined set of applications provided to citizens and public organizations. The video offers a tutorial explaining how to use the software components developed for the Use Case

Sep 21 2016

OCCIware at OW2con'16, September 21-22, 2016, Paris

Extensible and Standard-based XaaS Platform To Manage Everything in The Clouds, presented by Marc Dutoo, Smile, OCCIware Project Leader.
This session highlights OCCIware platform two main components: The Studio Factory and the Runtime. This talk includes a demonstration of the Docker connector and of how to use the OCCIware Cloud Designer to configure a real life Cloud application on both VirtualBox and OpenStack infrastructure.

Mar 16 2015

OCCIware at Cloud Europe Expo, March 11-12, 2015, London

OCCIware revealed in London, by Marc Dutoo and Jean Parpaillon.
OCCIware project publicly appeared at the OW2 Community booth, during Cloud Expo Europe, in London, March 11-12, 2015. In this video, Marc Dutoo, Open Wide R&D lead and Jean Parpaillon, INRIA Research Engineer explain the challenges, objectives and use cases of this cloud project..

Nov 05 2014

erocci @OW2con'14, November 22-23, 2014, Orange Labs, Paris

erocci presentation by Jean Parpaillon.
The OCCI community has been primarily focused on the implementation of runtimes compliant with the OCCI specification. A proof of concept runtime, based on the erlang/OTP platform, erocci can load an OCCI model from an XML document. This is a typical target for the methods and tools developed by OCCIware.