Optimal Cost for Time-Aware Cloud Resource Allocation in Business Process

Jun 27 2017

Date: June 2017

Authors: Rania Ben Halima, Slim Kallel, Walid Gaaloul, Mohamed Jmaiel

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Abstract: Cloud Computing infrastructures are being increasingly used for running business process activities due to its high performance level and low operating cost. The enterprise QoS requirements are diverse and different resources are offered by Cloud providers in various QoS-based pricing strategies. Furthermore, business process activities are constrained by hard timing constraints and if they are not executed correctly the enterprise will pay penalties costs. Therefore, finding the optimal Cloud resources allocation for a business process becomes a highly challenging problem. While optimizing the Cloud resource allocation cost, it is important to respect activities QoS requirements and temporal constraints and Cloud pricing strategies constraints. The aim of the present paper is to offer a method that assists users finding the optimal pricing strategy for Cloud resource used by business process activities. Basically, we use a binary/(0-1) linear program with an objective function under a set of constraints. In order to show its feasibility, our approach has been implemented and the results of our experiments highlight the effectiveness of our proposed solution.