OCCI-Compliant Cloud Configuration Simulation

Jun 30 2017

Date: June 2017

Authors: Mehdi Ahmed-Nacer, Walid Gaaloul, Samir Tata

Publication: Download the paper on HAL

Abstract: In recent years many organizations such as, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, have accelerated the development of their cloud computing ecosystem. This rapid development has created a plethora of cloud resource management interfaces for provisioning, supervising, and managing cloud resources. Thus, there is an obvious need for the standardization of cloud resource management interfaces to cope with the prevalent issues of heterogeneity, integration, and portability issues. To this end, Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) proposed one of the first widely accepted, community-based, open standard for managing any kinds of cloud resources. However, there is a strong need for having a simulation environment to study and analyze the performance of OCCI-compliant applications for two main reasons: information in absence of a simulation environment, these applications have to be tested on real cloud infrastructure, which induces a cost issue and (ii) various conditions prevailing in cloud environments are beyond the control of the developers involved in analyzing cloud resource allocation. Therefore, in this paper we propose, information an extension to the OCCI metamodel dedicated to the simulation of cloud resources using an open-source cloud simulation framework called CloudSim, (ii) a user-friendly graphical interface to generate the OCCI configuration for simulation. 

IEEE EDGE 2017, June 25-30, 2017, Hawaii, USA