Mobile Cloud Robotics as a Service with OCCIware

May 24 2017

Date: May 2017

Authors:  Philippe Merle, Christophe Gourdin, Nathalie Mitton

Publication: Download the paper

Abstract: We have recently witnessed the emerging of cloud computing on one hand and robotics platforms on the other hand. Naturally, these two visions have been merging to give birth to the Cloud Robotics paradigm in order to offer even more remote services. But such a vision is still in its infancy. Architectures and platforms are still to be defined to efficiently program robots so they can provide different services, in a standardized way masking their heterogeneity. This paper introduces Open Mobile Cloud Robotics Interface (OMCRI), a Robot-as-a-Service vision based platform, which offers a unified easy access to remote heterogeneous mobile robots. OMCRI encompasses an extension of the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) standard and a gateway hosting mobile robot resources. We then provide an implementation of OMCRI based on the open source model-driven Eclipse-based OCCIware tool chain and illustrates its use for three off-the-shelf mobile robots: Lego Mindstorm NXT, Turtlebot, and Parrot AR.Drone. 

Distinction: Best Paper Award - June 25, 2017

2nd IEEE International Congress on Internet of Things, IEEE ICIOT 2017