Coordinating Vertical Elasticity of both Containers and Virtual Machines

Mar 21 2018

Date: March 21-22, 2018

Conference: 8th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER) 

Author: Yahya Al-Dhuraibi, Faiez Zalila, Nabil Djarallah, Philippe Merle, 


Abstract:  Elasticity is a key feature in cloud computing as it enables the automatic and timely provisioning and depro- visioning of computing resources. To achieve elasticity, clouds rely on virtualization techniques including Virtual Machines (VMs) and containers. While many studies address the vertical elasticity of VMs and other few works handle vertical elasticity of containers, no work manages the coordination between these two ver- tical elasticities. In this paper, we present the first approach to coordinate vertical elasticity of both VMs and containers. We propose an auto-scaling technique that allows containerized applications to adjust their resources at both container and VM levels. This work has been evaluated and validated using the RUBiS benchmark application. The results show that our approach reacts quickly and improves application perfor- mance. Our coordinated elastic controller outperforms container vertical elasticity controller by 18.34% and VM vertical elasticity controller by 70%. It also outperforms container horizontal elasticity by 39.6%.