Cloudification of the Internet of Things with OCCIware (tutorial)

Jul 02 2018

Date: July 2-4, 2018

Authors: Walid Gaaloul, Faiez Zalila, Philippe Merle


Abstract: This tutorial covers the cloudification of the Internet of Things, i.e., the marriage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing. On the one hand, data collected by IoT sensors are sent to big data analytics running in the clouds. On the other hand, IoT actuators are orchestrated (controlled) by business processes running in the clouds. However, these two converging scenarios are tricky to implement as both the IoT and Cloud Computing suffer from a lack of a standard networked API for managing IoT actuators/sensors and cloud resources. Then cloudified IoT applications must deal with the extreme heterogeneity of both IoT and Cloud Computing technologies.
Fortunately, there exists an open cloud standard called Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) to address heterogeneity, interoperability, integration and portability in Cloud Computing. OCCI comprises a set of open community-lead specifications delivered through the Open Grid Forum. In a nutshell, OCCI is a RESTful Protocol and API for all kinds of management tasks on any kind of cloud resources, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and potentially Everything as a Service (XaaS) from hardware resources to business applications.
Based on the OCCI standard, the OCCIware funded project (see develops an open-source, model-driven, and reference toolchain for modeling, developing, deploying and managing Everything as a Service with OCCI. The OCCIware tool chain is implemented on top of the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and its associated technologies such as Ecore, OCL, Acceleo, Xtext, and Sirius. This tool chain has already successfully been applied on VMware as a Service, OpenStack as a Service, Docker as a Service, Big Data as a Service, Linked Data as a Service, Mobile Robotics as a Service, and IoT as a Service.
This tutorial shows how the OCCIware tool chain can be practically used for the cloudification of the Internet of Things.

Conference:  CIoT'18 (3rd Cloudification of the Internet of Things Conference)