A Model-Driven Tool Chain for OCCI

Sep 08 2017

Date: September 2017

Authors: Faiez Zalila, Stéphanie Challita, Philippe Merle

Publication: Download the paper on HAL

Abstract: Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) is the only open standard for managing any kinds of cloud resources, e.g., Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. However, no model-driven tooling exists to assist OCCI users in designing, editing, validating, generating, and managing OCCI artifacts (i.e., extensions
that represent specific application domains and configurations that define running systems). In this paper, we propose the first model-driven tool chain for OCCI called OCCIware Studio. This tool chain is based on a metamodel defining the static semantics for the OCCI standard in Ecore and OCL. OCCIware Studio provides OCCI users facilities for designing, editing, validating, generating, and managing OCCI artifacts. We detail the tooled process to define an OCCI extension. In addition, we show how the cloud user can leverage the generated tooling for this extension to create his own OCCI configurations and manage them in the cloud. We illustrate our paper with the OCCI Infrastructure extension defining OCCI-compliant compute, network, and storage resources. 


25th International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS), Oct 2017, Rhodes, Greece