Eclipse Day, Lyon, November 2017

Nov 30 2017

Date: November 28, 2017

Presentation title: Model and pilot all cloud layers with OCCIware, from IoT to Big Data

Speaker: Marc Dutoo, Smile

Abstract: Who uses multi cloud today ? Everybody. Alas, this leads to a lot of "technical glue". Enter OCCIware's Studio and Runtime : manage all layers and domains of the Cloud (XaaS) in a uniform, standard, extensible way - the Cloud consumer platform.presentation.
This talk presents how the OCCIware Studio - currently being contributed to the Eclipse Foundation by Inria and Obeo - takes advantage of Eclipse Modeling and SIrius in order to support a metamodel for the generic Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) REST API and build a "studio factory", while providing feedback and lessons learned on various other Eclipse components.
It concludes on a live demonstration of using it to model and pilot an IoT (nodeMCU/ESP8266), Linked & Big Data (JSON-LD, Spark), containerized Cloud solution to let electricity consumption be monitored across territories by all actors - individuals, utility providers, up to regional public bodies.