Mehdi AHMED-NACER, Researcher, Telecom Sud Paris

May 12 2016

How would you present the project?

In the past decade, there has been a plethora of cloud resource management (CRM) interfaces : OpenStack, CloudBees, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, etc.  Due to the heterogeneity of cloud offers, interoperability between CRM-API and portability of cloud management applications, cloud computing standards are increasingly required.
OCCIware is a french project addressing these Cloud Computing issues. It comes to solve the current limitations related to OCCI, i.e. one of the first standards in Cloud Computing. OCCI was indeed initially used only for managing IaaS resources. While, OCCIware aims to extend it to other cloud computing layers (PaaS and SaaS).  OCCIware offers a powerful tool for designing, editing, analyzing and managing any kind of cloud computing resources.

What is your role in the project?

We mainly work on the simulation of cloud resources and the study of OCCI behavioral model.
We extended OCCIware Metamodel for supporting a simulation environment. The users can simulate the cloud configuration by a simple clic. Also, we integrate a mechanism in OCCIware metamodel to study the behavior properties definition and verification.

What key innovation do you bring or help to develop?

In OCCIware studio, we develop a designer for cloud simulation. This designer is developed on the top of Eclipse Sirius technology. Through a graphical interface, the user design a cloud configuration. Once the configuration is done, the user has the ability to simulate this configuration in time execution, cost, resource consuming, by CloudSim simulator. Indeed, we integrate CloudSim simulator to evaluate the infrastructures and application services.
We also define a formal model for the dynamic semantics of the OCCI core concepts and define in Alloy* the model components. This model will be added upon OCCIware metamodel.

[* Alloy is a declarative specification language for expressing complex structural constraints and behavior in a software system]. 

About Mehdi Ahmed-Nacer:
Postdoctoral researcher at the department of computer Science,Telecom SudParis. Mehdi joined in 2015 the CNRS Samovar group where I work with Pr. Samir Tata. In 2014, he got the PhD degree at Lorraine University and LORIA laboratory.
During the period 2013 to 2015, Mehdi was a teaching assistant at Telecom SudParis and ESSTIN Engineer Schools.