Marc DUTOO, OCCIware Project Leader, Open Wide

Aug 05 2015

1. How would you present the OCCIware project?

OCCIware is a platform that facilitates broad access to cloud computing resources. It addresses the issues caused by heterogeneous standards. As you know there are different standards between the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS layers, between vendors and between functions. And it's a big problem because it is very difficult today to develop for the cloud. This is ironic because the main advantage of the cloud is to obtain services without worrying about how they are produced. Cloud is supposed to make information systems more agile but standard fragmentation is a barrier to agility. 

2. What about you and your role in the project?

At Open Wide I am head of R&D, my teams helps develop solutions based on innovative technologies. My job is to keep one step ahead of the current technology. We have a vested interest in the OCCIware project because Open Wide provides the components for the Ozwillo appstore (a project stakeholder) which promotes solutions that share data between businesses, especially in the local government sector. We want to use OCCIware to develop Linked Data solutions. More specifically, in the OCCIware project, I am the administrative coordinator and I am also involved in the Linked Data use case. 

3. So what is Linked Data?

Linked Data is the next stage in data management. We already know, from the technical standpoint, how to reconcile data with different formats. With Linked Data, the idea is to reconcile data from the business perspective. Linked Data helps integrate data between companies, between different business models. Linked Data helps create value from Open Data. Now we can envision a new form of common goods made of Linked Data, a new platform, even a new media, so to speak.

4. Is there a synergy between OCCIware and Linked Data?

Yes! In the world of cloud computing, OCCI is the only standard that bridges layers. The first that comes to mind is the IaaS layer but in a complete business solution all three layers are involved. OCCI is the only standard that enables the development of comprehensive solutions that combines all layers. A solution based on a set of OCCI-compatible technologies that cross all layers would make Linked Data as a Services (LDaaS) possible. And that is because with OCCI we can manage any cloud resource as a service. We think LDaaS will make Linked Data easier to adopt. This is the key innovation we are helping develop.  

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