OGF 44, May 21-22, 2015 (EGI Spring Meeting)

May 21 2015

OGF 44 will take place at EGI (European Grid Infrastructure) Spring Meeting.
The OCCIware team will participate to exchange, meet the OGF team and showcase the latest developments of OCCIware project. 


Date: may 21-22, 2015

Venue: Lisbon, Portugal

Discover the presentations given on OCCIware and OGF here

The OCCI cloud plugfest is an excellent way to discover the OCCI APIs.  The aim of today plugfest exercise is to interact with OCCi server instances and other standard such as CDMI.

To participate login here: http://www.cloudplugfest.org/ 

You will receive connection details shortly. Most instances offered for testing will be kept online for several days. You will be able to perform your tests at your convenience. 

OGF partnered with several testbed that provide resources with OCCI APIs. See CloudLab: https://www.cloudlab.us/ and ChameleonCLoud: https://www.chameleoncloud.org/ 

We are working on creating an OCCIware project on CloudLab. There is already an erocci instance you can play with. Start here:  http://malmo.lizenn.net:8002/-/

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