Cloud Plugfest, September 21-24, Santa Clara, USA

Sep 21 2015


Cloud Plugfest 21 will take place as part of the Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2015. This event will take place September 21-24, 2015 in Santa Clara, CA, and is expected to attract more than 400 developers, technical professionals, and engineers from the worldwide storage community.

Onsite participation in the Plugfest is recommended for this event, however remote participation is also available.. During the Cloud Plugfest the following standards will be tested: CDMI Client, CDMI Server, OCCI Client, OCCI Server, CIMI Client, CIMI Server, Swift API Client, Swift API Server, S3 API Client, and S3 API Server.

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About Cloud Plugfests:
The Cloud Interoperability Plugfest project (or "Cloud Plugfests" for short) is a co-operative community series designed to promote interoperability efforts on cloud-based software, frameworks, and standards among vendors, products, projects and implementations.