Cloud Expo Europe, April 12-13, London,

Apr 12 2016


OCCIware is presented for the second time at Cloud Expo Europe, in the Open Cloud Park.

1) Presentation in the "Open Cloud Forum by OW2"


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Speaker: Marc Dutoo, Open Wide.
Presentation title: OCCIware year 1 milestone: Docker Studio, Cloud Studio Factory and pluggable runtime
Abstract: The OCCIware project aims at managing in a unified manner all layers and domains of the Cloud (XaaS), by building on the Open Cloud Computing (OCCI) standard and formal and model-driven approaches.
This session highlights first year outcomes:
- the OCCIware Studio Factory, allowing to produce visually customizable diagram editors for any Cloud configuration business domain modeled in OCCI using the OCCI Extension Studio, such as the flagship Docker Studio ;
- erocci, a scalable OCCI middleware allowing to federate multiple XaaS Cloud runtimes, such as the Roboconf PaaS server and the ActiveEon Cloud Automation multi-IaaS connector are planned to be.
The session includes an end-to-end demo of PaaS and IaaS Cloud deployment, and 2016 plans.
The project, funded by French Ministry of Industry, involves 10 partners and 11 top expert advisors coming from both research and industry.

2) Marc Dutoo also represents OCCIware in a panel discussion on April 12:
Should you care about open source software and open standards ?
Venue: Cloud Service Provider theater.