Cloud Computing World Expo, March 23-24, Paris

Mar 23 2016


OCCIware is presented in Cloud Computing World Expo's exhibition ( visit us on OW2 booth, # G07). 

OCCIware is also presented in the "Open Cloud Forum by OW2", on March 23 afternoon. 


- Project presentation: Marc Dutoo, Open Wide 

- Panel participation: Marc Dutoo will represent OCCIware in a panel discussion, on March 23 at 16:00: Cloud, IoT and smart transportation: how to develop in a cloudified world?

About Cloud Computing World Expo:
IT departments: make the cloud your ally rather than a rival! The advice may sounds strange while the top management is asking for more investment protection, efficiency, privacy and security. But that's not the only problem in today's IT departments. Users, partners and customers are requiring new online services and mobile access. Tasks and priorities are changing at a faster pace than ever. How to manage all the current needs, maintaining a reliable IT infrastructure, updating the development, deployment and exploitation tools? The MIS role is to support businesses with more and more services and to protect sensitive data in the safest datacenters.