CLOSER Conference, April 23-25, Rome, Italy

Apr 23 2016

6th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Service Science

CLOSER Special Session: Experiences with OCCI

A special session based on OCCI, "Experiences with OCCI - OCCI 2016" is organized in the framework of CLOSER 2016. As an important contributor to the OCCI standard, the OCCIware project will be involved and supporting the event. 

Session scope: OCCI stands for Open Cloud Computing Interface. It is a standard proposal of the Open Grid forum that aims at fostering interoperability between different cloud infrastructures and providers. This Special Session gathers experiences about the utilization of OCCI, specifically addressing adoption stories and applications.


Day 1, Part 1 - Accepted papers

Introduction of the special session - Augusto Ciuffoletti (Univ. of Pisa)

SLAaaS: an OCCI compliant framework for cloud SLA provisioning and violation detection - Gregory Katsaros (Intel)

Evolution of The Open Cloud Computing Interface - Boris Parak (CESNET)

Easing Scientific Computing and Federated Management in the Cloud with OCCI - Victor Mendez (Univ. of Barcelona)

Beyond Nagios - Design of a cloud monitoring system - Augusto Ciuffoletti (Univ. of Pisa)

Day 1, Part 2 - Informal briefs

Review of OCCI 1.2 - summary, status of documents, feedback - Boris Parak

Implementations of OCCI 1.2: short & long term plans, foresee-able challenges, project road-maps, OCCIware project - Jean Parpaillon

Day 2 - Perspective on OCCI 2.0: XML rendering, filtering, transport, attribute types refinement - Augusto Ciuffoletti

See OCCI session more details and feedback from discussions. 

Paper Submission: February 10, 2016
Authors Notification: February 24, 2016
Camera Ready and Registration: March 3, 2016 

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