Use Case Deploy@OCCIware


Deploy@OCCIware is a demonstrator that focuses on deployment, live reconfiguration (with elasticity) and monitoring of complex enterprise applications on several IaaS and PaaS. This Use Case leverages the ProActive Cloud Automation platform and Roboconf deployment framework

Use Case Description

A typical OCCIware deployment archive contains at least:

- An OCCI description of IaaS resources (possibly PaaS with extended OCCI);

- An "extended OCCI" description of the application (SaaS);

If necessary, lifecycle management scripts and resources related to the application itself (deployment archives, binaries, configuration files, etc.).

It can also integrate "extended OCCI" descriptors related to various nonfunctional properties, such as elasticity, the SLA or vertical scalability. Deploy@OCCIware runtime can deploy such an archive via OCCI, in an interoperable manner across multiple platforms and IaaS/PaaS targets. 

The use-case demonstrates the implementation of such a deployment via OCCI:

- Through Roboconf or ProActive Cloud Automation to deploy on hybrid IaaS or PaaS; 

- By Roboconf on ProActive Cloud Automation (seen as an IaaS or PaaS); 

- For ProActive Cloud Automation via Roboconf (seen as a deployment system).

The use-case also demonstrates hot reconfiguration, with or without automatic elasticity (e.g., as part of an enterprise web application or e-commerce, web front-end addition / deletion with load balancing to adapt to the load) and monitoring of the platform. It will be based on one or more representative demonstration applications of conventional software architectures (e.g., application servers like JEE or LAMP) and the current use of components in the world of enterprise distributed applications (e.g., Apache, Tomcat, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.JS, ElasticSearch, etc.).

OCCIware Deploy@OCCIware Use Case