Use Case BigData as a service

Use Case Project Leader: ActiveEon 


The use case demonstrates how OCCI can be used to facilitate the configuration and deployment of Big Data and HPC services. 

Use Case Description

ActiveEon proposes a service catalog based on its ProActive Cloud Automation to deploy any Big Data platform. The Big Data platform is deployed using the ProActive Workflows and Scheduling to auto-manage cloud infrastructure resources needed for the platform with the ability to dynamically adjust the amount of compute nodes according to load.  

More specifically, the OCCIware system queries the status of the ProActive platform using the ProActive Scheduling API and to determine, according to predefined rules, whether it is necessary to increase the size of the platform or reduce it (with all relevant configurations at the application level). The OCCI model provides the necessary elements to describe the use cases: initial amount of VMs, the initial VMs configuration, stock triggering rules, scale up and scale down activities, adjusted monitoring. OCCIware makes possible the automation of the Spark platform deployment using the ProActive Workflows and Resource Manager and the execution of multiple Spark streaming applications. 

The deployment workflows of ProActive Cloud Automation (PCA) are defined and implemented in the PCA service catalog. The Spark service template is made available and accessible via PCA portal. The OCCI extension of BDaaS resources definition has been started recently. Once the extension is defined, the PCA BDaaS service will be executed by the OCCI BDaaS extension execution. 

OCCIware Big Data as a Service Use Case