Solution: The OCCIware Studio

The OCCIware Studio is a factory that is able to produce visually customizable diagram editors for any cloud configuration business domain modeled in OCCI using the OCCI Extension Studio shown in the Exhibit below. This studio, based on Eclipse, includes a text editor, graphic modelers, simulators, generators and connectors. It is up and running and is continuously integrated with other OCCIware components and with the OW2 erocci project. It allows one to design OCCI-compliant extensions and configurations.

OCCIware Extensions:

The OCCIware projet team progressively adds to the platform new connectors to address domain specific designers for environments such as Docker, ProActive cloud Automation, Roboconf, and more largely any IaaS infrastructure, hypervisor or public clouds. 

The connectors are deployed within Eclipse for extension developers, quick prototyping or devops, but also within OCCI HTTP API servers, either throuhg a full Java one (MART) or a scalable one (erocci). 

OCCIware Studio