Sep 21 2016

OCCIware at OW2con'16, September 21-22, 2016, Paris

Extensible and Standard-based XaaS Platform To Manage Everything in The Clouds, presented by Marc Dutoo, Smile, OCCIware Project Leader.
This session highlights OCCIware platform two main components: The Studio Factory and the Runtime. This talk includes a demonstration of the Docker connector and of how to use the OCCIware Cloud Designer to configure a real life Cloud application on both VirtualBox and OpenStack infrastructure.

Mar 16 2015

OCCIware at Cloud Europe Expo, March 11-12, 2015, London

OCCIware revealed in London, by Marc Dutoo and Jean Parpaillon.
OCCIware project publicly appeared at the OW2 Community booth, during Cloud Expo Europe, in London, March 11-12, 2015. In this video, Marc Dutoo, Open Wide R&D lead and Jean Parpaillon, INRIA Research Engineer explain the challenges, objectives and use cases of this cloud project..

Nov 05 2014

erocci @OW2con'14, November 22-23, 2014, Orange Labs, Paris

erocci presentation by Jean Parpaillon.
The OCCI community has been primarily focused on the implementation of runtimes compliant with the OCCI specification. A proof of concept runtime, based on the erlang/OTP platform, erocci can load an OCCI model from an XML document. This is a typical target for the methods and tools developed by OCCIware.

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