Project Collateral

Sep 14 2016

OCCIware White-paper

Discover OCCiware white-paper and learn more about OCCIware context, roadmap, and technology (OCCiware Studio and Runtime). 


Oct 07 2015

OCCIware Totem Roll-up

Download OCCIware totem roll-up image here (PDF)

TOTEM 85x200-OCCIWARE_2015_V2_ForPrint.jpg

Mar 04 2015

OCCIware FactSheet

Discover OCCIware unique benefits for cloud developers and integrators.

OCCIware_FactSheet_1609.png - Download July 2017 OCCIware FactSheet (pdf)

Jan 23 2015

OCCIware Project Logos

Please find in this section different versions of the OCCI logo, available for download. 

Screen Logos: 

PNG Color Large

PNG Color Small

PNG Blue

PNG Black 

PNG White

Print Logos: 

PDF and logo Guidelines

RGB Colors

See the color list [...]

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